No Code Data Integration Tool

Connect Anywhere. Ingest Any Format. Automate Any Integration.

Build Central Data Repository in Clicks from different sources.

Connecting the world’s data through APIs is only a matter of clicks.

Data Modernization. Customer 360 Data. Experience true agility



Build everything with No code in clicks


Adapts to your framework and supports cloud or on-premises installations


Shrink the project timelines and provide value to the Business quickly

No Limits

Connect Anywhere and Integrate seamlessly

Core Features


Parsing APIs

Move data from any source to any target

Understand JSON/XML/API Structures

Build Versions at record level

Replicate Source Data

Integrate Enterprise products

Modernize Legacy EDW

Operational dashboards

Schedule the Integrations

No Code Data Integration from any source or format

DataFinz is the world’s most advanced Data integration tool which enables you to quickly integrate data across any system with simple configurations. It makes it easier to bring data from anywhere in any format in a few clicks and It has prebuilt pipelines like – API Publisher, API Pipeline, ODS/CDC Pipeline, Modernize Pipeline to handle a variety of technical use cases. This helps to free up your technical resources to focus on creating values from the data rather than resolving data integration challenges.

With DataFinz, you can complete your Data deliverables quickly and provide ROI to the Business. DataFinz can help developers access API in minutes without any coding required. This tool has some additional features and functionalities like Swagger Documentation, ERD Generation, etc., which can be done in a few clicks.