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Benefits of Operational Data Store

Benefits of ODS Data is essential for any business. It helps in strategic decision-making, driving operational efficiencies, and improving customer experiences. However, in order for data to be useful, it must be accurate, timely, and easily accessible. This is where an ODS – Operational Data Store can be invaluable. An ODS is a central repository...
API integration

How to integrate a new enterprise product in three simple steps

Most firms today face the challenge of integrating data from different sources, including legacy applications, as a first step towards generating meaningful business intelligence. If you don’t have the right data integration tool, your database could end up being full of inaccurate data. As a result, it is not useful for analysis. Read this guide...
Data Warehousing

Latest trends in Data Warehousing

Where next for Data Warehousing? Across industries, companies are dealing with increasing volumes of data as they chase nuanced analytical insights. The result is a rise in the demand for secure data warehousing and operations. An unwanted side-effect is a rise in the risk of data breaches. Data warehousing providers are trying to minimize data...
Data Profiling

Data Profiling and its benefits

Data Profiling Data Profiling is the process of examining data sources to determine the level of quality and complexity. It is an important phase in the Data Acquisition and Data Analytical processes. In Data Acquisition, profiling helps to design the table structures based on the findings like the probable candidate of Primary Key, nullable fields,...
Swagger Tool

A Best Swagger Documentation Generator tool

A Best Swagger Documentation Generator tool What is Swagger Documentation? Swagger is a powerful open source framework that helps developers design, build, and document APIs. Swagger documentation is a critical tool for any business looking to establish and maintain a strong reputation. It provides clear and concise information about how your API services will function,...

5 Reasons to use Data Finz for Data Integration

5 Reasons to use Data Finz for Data Integration Data integration tool is a critical process for businesses that want to make the most of their data. By combining data from multiple sources, you can get a more complete view of your business, which lets you make better decisions based on accurate information. Data integration...
Reasons to use datafinz

How to use API’s to improve businesses?

As an increasing number of consumers and organizations integrate online and mobile apps into their daily routines, firms are uncovering significant new applications for data sources that were previously untapped or untapped but useful. In order for companies to put that data to use, APIs (application programming interfaces) must be used. APIs inspire inventive developers...
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Enabling Data Fabric Analytics Platform

Data Fabric is the Data Management Architecture that enables the Business with the necessary data immediately to make the decisions.