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Features Standard Pro Enterprise
# of API Endpoints or Pipelines Total number of active API Endpoints and Pipelines in a month5001500Unlimited
Pipeline runs Total number of Pipeline executions in a month200500Unlimited
Users Number of registered users310Unlimited
Connectors Configurations to connect to any system1025Unlimited
Instance Mode of the PlatformSharedSharedDedicated
Build APIs Build and expose API
Generate Swagger Documentation Create Swagger or OpenAPI documentation for each Application
Generate ERD from APIs/JSON/XML Create Entity Relationship Diagram from semistructured data
API Pipelines API Integrations to & from structured data
Data Pipelines Data copy or migrations across the platforms
ODS/CDC Pipelines Build Operational Data Store
# of tables in a ODS/CDC Pipeline Max number of tables that can be configured in a ODS/CDC Pipeline515Unlimited
Data Profiling Visualization Analyze the data and generate the data profiles with visuals
Scheduler Schedule to run Pipelines in a defined timeframe
Operational Dashboards Snapshot of the usage of Data Finz features
Pipeline run Stats Execution Statistics of each Pipeline
API Endpoint Usage metrics Usage Statistics of each API End Point
Monthly Price Billed on Monthly basisContact UsContact UsContact Us
Yearly Price Billed on Yearly basis for 12 months


What is Pipeline?

Data Finz Pipelines are readily built integration process which can be configured to handle specific Data Integration use case

What is Pipeline run?

Any executed Data Integration process is referred as Pipeline run

Can I extend my Trial evaluation period for some more time?

Free Trial is for 14 days. It can be extended depending on your circumstances. Please reach out to our Product Sales team ( for any extensions.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, the plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. The pricing will be prorated and the new plan will be activated immediately. Please reach out to our Product Sales team ( for any subscription changes.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, the plan can be cancelled at any time. However if the Yearly subscription is taken, then the discounts will be waived and refund will be done based on the monthly subscription usage