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API integration

How to integrate a new enterprise product in three simple steps

Most firms today face the challenge of integrating data from different sources, including legacy applications,...
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Data Warehousing

Latest trends in Data Warehousing

Where next for Data Warehousing? Across industries, companies are dealing with increasing volumes of data...
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Data Profiling

Data Profiling and its benefits

Data Profiling Data Profiling is the process of examining data sources to determine the level...
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Operation Data Store - Data Finz

Benefits of Operational Data Store

    Benefits of ODS Data is the lifeblood of any business. It helps in...
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Swagger Tool

A Best Swagger Documentation Generator tool

A Best Swagger Documentation Generator tool What is Swagger Documentation? Swagger is a powerful open...
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5 Reasons to use Data Finz for Data Integration

5 Reasons to use Data Finz for Data Integration Data integration tool is a critical...
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Reasons to use datafinz

How to use API’s to improve businesses?

As an increasing number of consumers and organizations integrate online and mobile apps into their...
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about the Data Fabric

Enabling Data Fabric Analytics Platform

Data Fabric is the Data Management Architecture that enables the Business with the necessary data...
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