5 Reasons to use DataFinz for Data Integration

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5 Reasons to use Data Finz for Data Integration

Reasons to use datafinz

Data integration tool is a critical process for businesses that want to make the most of their data. By combining data from multiple sources, you can get a more complete view of your business, which lets you make better decisions based on accurate information. Data integration also makes it easier to perform analytics and generate statistics, so you can see how your business is performing and where it needs improvement. With the right data integration solution, you can get the most out of your data and improve your business performance.

Data Finz is the world’s most advanced Data integration tool which enables you to quickly integrate data across any system with simple configurations. Data Finz makes it easy to bring data from anywhere in any format. It has prebuilt pipelines to handle a variety of technical use cases. This helps to free up your technical resources to focus on creating values from the data rather than resolving data integration challenges.  With Data Finz, you can complete your Data deliverables quickly and provide ROI to the Business.

Here are the top 5 reasons why to use Data Finz for Data Integration…

  1. Easy Point to Point Data Integrations from any source or format

Data Finz – Data Integration Tool provides easy point-to-point data integrations from any source or format with its simple and user-friendly configurations, Also it enables you to connect to any data source, whether it is structured or unstructured, and easily integrate the data into your business processes. It parses semi-structured data like JSON or XML into structured data and can also generate Payload for easy integrations with APIs.

Data Finz Data Integration Suite provides a wide range of connectors that allow you to connect to any type of data source, including Cloud databases, NoSQL databases, Cloud Storage areas, web services, and cloud enterprise applications like Salesforce, Workday, etc. These pluggable connectors come with multiple security authentications to help ensure the safety and privacy of your data. Here is the different categorization of connectors available in the Data Finz tool.

  1. API Connectors
  2. Big Data Connectors
  3. Data Lake Connectors
  4. Enterprise Connectors
  5. File Storage Connectors
  6. NoSQL Connectors
  7. RDBMS Connectors
  8. Stream Connectors
  1. Eliminate the complications in parsing or generating JSON/XML structures

Data Finz’s API Pipeline is the most advanced tool of its kind, which helps to eliminate the complications in parsing or generating JSON/XML structures. Its unique features include:

  1. An intelligent parser that can automatically detect the structure of JSON/XML data and generates an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for JSON/XML;
  2. A simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and manipulate complex data structures;
  3. A powerful set of tools for generating Payload structures to integrate with REST APIs.
  4. It handles paginations in REST APIs by taking variable parameters

Data Finz’s  API Pipeline is the perfect solution for the Data Analytics team that needs to work with complex data structures in relational and semistructured data format.

  1. Share your data quickly to the external world using REST APIs

Using REST APIs, Data Finz is a quick and easy way to share your data with the rest of the world. Data APIs use REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture, which makes data retrieval quick and easy. Data APIs are also scalable with paginations, so you can easily share large amounts of data distributed across pages without worrying about performance.

Data Finz Data APIs are the perfect solution for sharing data with partners, customers, or developers and Data Finz also provides a number of features to help you control access to your data, including rate limiting and authentications like OAUTH 2.0 – JWT. It automatically generates swagger documentation which can be shared with the external team to quickly access and understand the data.  Data Finz is an essential tool for any organization that needs to quickly share data with the outside world without writing a single piece of code.

  1. Build Operational Data Store to maintain versions for the source systems

Data Finz is a Data Management solution that helps you easily build and maintain an Operational Data Store (ODS).

  • Data Finz allows you to track changes in your source system data, identify and correct errors, and automatically produce versions for your target system.
  • Data Finz is easy to use and requires no coding, making it the perfect solution for Data Management teams of all sizes.
  • Data Finz – Operation Data Store uses a data-centric approach to simplify the management of data lineage and versioning.
  • Data Finz Data Store uses a combination of relational database and file system technologies to provide a scalable and extensible platform for managing data lineage.
  1. Modernize Data Environments Confidently

The Modernize Pipeline from Data Finz makes it easy to quickly copy your legacy EDW into a more modern EDW environment. It has intelligent libraries which digest a variety of data types and convert them to the compatible data type in a modernized environment. The cool feature is it automatically validates the data between legacy and new EDW systems and generates the data conversion report by pointing out the anomalies at record level between both the systems.

In addition, this validation approach helps to verify the BI semantic layer by comparing the data generated between both systems. In a nutshell, it’s a powerful feature for lift & shift projects which can modernize your data environments in weeks instead of months.